The picturesque landscape in Prins Christian Sund, Greenland

Cruisereise til Prins Christian Sund, Greenland

Prins Christian Sund is a dramatically picturesque fjord in the south of Greenland, which is part of the Kingdom of Denmark. Marvel at gorgeous glaciers, steep mountains reaching over 2,200 meters, crystal-clear waterfalls and untouched wildlife. Jump onboard a Greenland cruise and enjoy watching whales swim along the iceberg-dotted shores. In summer, you can spot bright blue and purple flowers — and during winter nights the magical northern lights appear. Walk around the only settlement here, Aappilattoq, a small village of colorful Nordic-style houses that's home to only around 100 people.

Things To Do in Prins Christian Sund

Multiple humpback whales
Multiple humpback whales

Where Animals Rule

At the entrance and exit to the fjord, you can spot minke, fin and blue whales. Blueberry ringed and bearded seals can be seen on top of icebergs. You may also see reindeer, polar fox, muskox and of course many different species of birds.

A small coastal settlement in Greenland
A small coastal settlement in Greenland

Colorful Nordic Homes

The world's largest non-continental island has a small but unique population, which is a blend of Inuit and Danish heritage. In Prins Christian Sund, the only settlement is Aappilattoq.

A coastal hiking trail in Greenland
A coastal hiking trail in Greenland

Adventurous Views

While Greenland has only few roads, South Greenland has a system of hiking trails that link towns and villages to each other. Look for stunning, unfenced wilderness, with the ever-present icy vistas set against towering mountains ridges and rolling green hills.

1 Pack warm clothes during all seasons, and be prepared for sudden changes in the weather.
2 Be sure to take enough memory cards for your camera — the views are incredibly photogenic.

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