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Will I need to quarantine or isolate when I return to the U.S. from my cruise?


Rules and recommendations on post-travel quarantine vary among U.S. states, localities, schools and workplaces. Before traveling, guests should familiarize themselves with any requirements that may exist so that they may plan accordingly.

For Sailings Departing from San Juan, Puerto Rico 

Unvaccinated travelers arriving to Puerto Rico by air are now required to complete a quarantine period of 7 days. However, unvaccinated cruise guests will only need to do this if they intend to be in Puerto Rico for any timeframe outside of their cruise. If you arrive in Puerto Rico on cruise boarding day, and depart Puerto Rico on the same day your cruise ends, a local quarantine is not required. 

  • Quarantine Before: If you arrive in Puerto Rico 1 or more days prior to your cruise, any unvaccinated guests in the travel party must remain in quarantine for those days. These guests may only leave to head directly to the cruise terminal for check-in on boarding day. 
  • Quarantine After: Any unvaccinated non-residents extending their stay in Puerto Rico post-cruise must quarantine for up to 7 days. If your flight departs prior to the completion of the 7 days, you must remain in the hotel and may only leave to proceed directly to the airport on the day of your flight. 
  • This requirement applies to travelers age 2 and up. 

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