Turquoise Beach with Pink Sand in the Bermuda


Discover a history-filled paradise full of pink sand beaches in Bermuda.
Set sail from the East Coast of the United States and travel through the Atlantic seas to an island oasis in Bermuda. Explore British colonial landmarks like the Royal Navy Dockyard. Take a dip in the blue waves at Horseshoe Bay Beach. Cruise to Bermuda and wander through the vibrantly painted streets of St. George's and Hamilton, and see the Gothic-style towers of the Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity. Need to scratch your itch for outdoor adventure? Hike the Railway Trail and take in views of the clear-water coast, or snorkel among shipwrecks and coral reefs at Tobacco Bay.

Wreck-It Reef
Dive into the pristine blue waters of Bermuda. Explore underwater wreck sites and vibrant reefs at Tobacco Bay or in the waters near the Royal Naval Dockyard. This part of the Atlantic is home to the most shipwrecks in the region. While you're down there, you can see barracudas, parrot fish and angelfish, as well as many species of colorful coral.

Paradise Found
Spend the afternoon splashing around in the turquoise water and relaxing on pink sand beaches like West Whale Bay Beach or Horseshoe Bay Beach. Chill out with towels or rent some chairs and enjoy the day with a cocktail in hand. It's relaxation at its finest.

Dive Down for Crystals
Had your fill of beach time? Go underground at the Crystal and Fantasy Caves. Inside this underground natural wonder, you'll find a network of caves lined with crystal, quartz and calcite formations, illuminated by the glow of underground lakes.

History in Hamilton
Wander down the streets of the colonial capital city, Hamilton, where you'll find some of Bermuda's best bites, boutiques and galleries. Stroll down the shops and brightly painted colonial buildings of Front Street, and check out the Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity, with its towers and turrets designed in the Gothic style of medieval England.

When the Saints Come Marching
Head to St. George's, where you can spend the afternoon exploring St. Peter's Church, the oldest Anglican church in the Western hemisphere. Or set your course just outside the city center and see the Unfinished Church, where the walls and columns of a partly completed chapel stand eerily atop a lush green hill.

Become an Island Expert
Want to learn about Bermudan history in more detail? Check out the National Museum of Bermuda during your vacation. Here, you can see the region's history throughout the ages through artifacts including early English and Spanish coins and the remnants of long-ago shipwrecks.


Bermuda cruises take you to paradise where you can explore hundreds of years of historical landmarks and going on thrilling adventures around the island.
Hamilton, Bermuda Horseshoe Bay.

Best of Bermuda

Vacation in style and luxury on a Bermuda-only cruise. Bask in the sun on pink-sand beaches, visit candy-colored estates in Hamilton and St. George's, and dine on local delicacies like fish croquettes and semi-spicy, tomato-broth fish chowder. Cruise from New York, Baltimore, and Boston to experience Bermuda’s luxury style.

St. George's, Bermuda Town View.

From North to South

Join your Bermudan adventure with an exploration of North America, too. Walk the path of the American Revolution on Boston's Freedom Trail, and see Civil War-era Fort Sumner in Charleston, South Carolina.

Splash Into Your Island Escape

Discover a history-filled paradise full of pink sand beaches in Bermuda

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Prep for Paradise

The best of Bermuda can be experienced year-round. Cruise from the Eastern coast of the United States in the winter time and enjoy the change of seasons as you arrive to your destination.

Choose your port of departure depending on how many days you want to spend exploring Bermuda and all it has to offer. Explore fortresses and British colonial landmarks, or dive into the sea for some of the best scuba diving in the world.

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Insider Tips

1 Make sure you pack strategically depending on the time of year you're headed on your Bermuda cruise. If you're going during the winter, pack a heavier coat so you're warm on sea days.
2 Get the most out of your time in Bermuda by booking excursions ahead of time.
3 If you're interested in shopping in Bermuda, decide what kind of shopping you want to do ahead of time so that you know which city is best for you.


Bermuda's cuisine reflects its diverse cultural history. From traditional fish stews to island takes on the classic English fish and chips, the bounty of the ocean is what brings together this culinary tapestry.

And a Splash of Rum
You can't visit Bermuda without tasting Gosling's Black Seal Rum. And luckily, it's a main ingredient in a ton of Bermuda favorites. Taste it in a cocktail form in the signature Dark 'n' Stormy or Rum Swizzle, or enjoy it as a key ingredient in the famous Bermuda fish chowder, a tomato broth-based stew of white fish and plenty of warming spices.

I'll Take It Fried
The tastes of that signature fish chowder take on new life in the form of a fish croquette, a fried, ball-shaped fritter that incorporates white fish and spices. Head to the restaurant Marcus' for a fish chowder bite made with snapper, scallops, chorizo and spices fried to crispy golden-brown fritter that has the perfect amount of bite to it.

It's a Piece of Cake
No trip to Bermuda is complete without a bite of an original Horton's Bermuda Black Rum Cake. The first one was made over 31 years ago, and you can now pick one up at the Bermuda Craft Market. The buttery, light, moist cake is a delicious and traditional Bermuda dessert.


Once you arrive in Bermuda, spend your days window-shopping in the colonial city of Hamilton. Explore underwater shipwrecks and coral reefs in the Atlantic with a snorkeling excursion off King's Wharf. Learn more about the colonial history of the brightly colored homes and English-style churches that line the streets of St. George's.

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