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What if I cannot get vaccinated due to a disability or pre-existing medical condition? What if I am not vaccinated for religious reasons? What if I have recently recovered from COVID-19 and am not now eligible to be vaccinated?


Vaccine Accommodation for Medical or Religious Reasons

Please contact our Access Department at (866) 592-7225 or send an email to special_needs@rccl.com so that our team can guide you on what documents will need to be submitted for consideration. You should contact them as soon as possible and ideally no later than 30 days before your cruise departs. You can also have your local travel agent or International Representative contact us. Should you require it, our fax number is (954) 628-9622. 

Please note that vaccine accommodated guests must adhere to all health protocols and travel requirements for unvaccinated guests as required by the cruise line and at the local, state and national level.


Vaccine Accommodation Due to Recent Recovery from COVID-19

For U.S. departures, Royal Caribbean does not grant vaccine accommodation for reasons related to recent recovery from COVID-19. 

For other departures outside the U.S., guests may present a Certificate of Recovery at time of boarding that verifies that either the guest was diagnosed with COVID-19 within the 90 days prior to their sail date or that they are sailing before the end date noted on the Certificate of Recovery.  For sailings departing from Cyprus, the Certificate of Recovery must be issued 30 days after the day of the first positive COVID-19 test and is valid for either 90 days or until the expiry date displayed. 

The Certificate of Recovery must include the following details: 

  • Name of sailing guest, 
  • Date of issuance of the Certificate of Recovery, 
  • Medical services provider name.  

We are continually evaluating this policy in accordance with the latest public health guidance, and it is subject to change at any time. Booked guests will be advised of the latest protocols and requirements before their sail date. 

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