Here's everything you need to know about the 12 coolest slides on Royal Caribbean’s cruise ships and private islands.

Are you a total slide junkie? You’ve come to the right place. Royal Caribbean has a long history of dreaming up bigger and better experiences for every kind of adventurer. That includes taking childhood favorites, like the classic slide, to the next level. We’re not talking about those kiddie slides you used to ride at your neighborhood playground. We’re talking wow-worthy, record breaking thrills— like the tallest waterslide in North America and the longest slide at sea. So if you’re looking for the jackpot of high-speed, bar raising plummets, tag-team coasting, and even slide experiences for the littlest daredevils, cruise with Royal Caribbean to enjoy the best and by far the boldest slide lineup. You’ll see that no one else even comes close.


1. The Ultimate Abyss — The tallest slide at sea

Step into the mouth of a giant purple angler fish and hold onto your wits— you’re going to need them when braving the tallest slide at sea. If you’re a thrill seeker, you’ll definitely get your adrenaline fix while plunging ten decks down on the Ultimate Abyss. Once you’ve made it to the bottom of this daring dry slide, you can cross one more first off your bucket list.

2. Daredevil’s Peak — The tallest waterslide in North America

Calling all daredevils: the thrill’s about to get real. At Daredevil’s Tower, the main thing to remember is that the higher you climb, the bigger the rush— and Daredevil’s Peak is the highest point of all. Standing at 135 feet, it’s the tallest waterslide in all of North America— and one that’s guaranteed to test your limits.

One of seven slides at Daredevil’s Tower in Thrill Waterpark on Perfect Day at CocoCay.

3. Riptide — The only headfirst mat racer at sea

Grab a mat and take on a wet and wild race to the bottom on the all-new Riptide, the only headfirst mat racer at sea and the longest of its kind. It’s a high-speed, twisting, turning exhilarating plunge down a translucent tube that even sends you hurtling over the side of the cruise ship. Is your heart racing yet?

Exclusively onboard the newly amplified Navigator of the Seas.

4. Dueling Demons — The ultimate altitude adjustment

If you love the sensation of free falling, this is the ride for you. The Dueling Demons are twin drop slides that launch riders from a vertical position 75 feet above the ground. Who’s ready for a little heightened adrenaline?

Located at Daredevil’s Tower inside Thrill Waterpark on Perfect Day at CocoCay.


5. The Blaster — The longest waterslide at sea

The newest addition to the Royal Caribbean lineup, The Blaster uses a state-of-the-art hydraulics system with five waterjet blasters to propel you and a partner along 800 feet of dips, drops and straightaways. You’ll even race through the longest stretch of slide ever to be suspended over the side of a cruise ship, an open-air chute that scores you deck-defying views of the ocean below. This is the longest and best waterslide at sea— and the first Royal Caribbean aqua coaster— so expect larger-than-life thrills.

Exclusively onboard Navigator of the Seas.

6. Tidal Wave — The only boomerang-style slide at sea

The first boomerang-style slide at sea, Tidal Wave is an exhilarating experience unlike any other. First you plummet down this cool slide on a raft before your momentum flings you up a ramp and into a moment of zero gravity. In the blink of an eye, you’ll find yourself racing back down on the rebound.

Exclusively onboard Liberty of the Seas.

7. The Twister — Guaranteed to give you whipsplash

Grab your bravest friend and board a tandem raft on The Twister, a massive winding tube. It’s kind of like a lazy river slide— if you took out the ‘lazy’ and replaced it with rushing currents, exhilarating turns and a whole lot of speed.

Located at Splash Summit inside Thrill Waterpark on Perfect Day at CocoCay.

8. Slingshot — Free falling never felt so good

Like the Tidal Wave onboard Liberty of the Seas, the Slingshot is all about momentum and gravity. Board a raft with three other daring riders and get ready for a zero-gravity rush as you boomerang from one end of the slide to the other. Think of it as the most adrenaline-charged way to experience the laws of motion first-hand.

Located at Splash Summit inside Thrill Waterpark on Perfect Day at CocoCay.

9. The Perfect Storm — Twice the exhilaration

What’s three stories high and loaded with super-soaked twists and turns? The Perfect Storm water slide duo. It’s made up of two high-speed slides — Typhoon and Cyclone — intertwined in one white-knuckle experience, which means you can dare a friend to join in the action and race them to the bottom. Some of the panels are even translucent, offering breathtaking views as you speed along on your journey.


10. Supercell — An Oasis Class exclusive

A supercharged addition to The Perfect Storm exclusively on the newest Oasis Class cruise ships, this ride starts off as a typical water slide— with a surprise ending. The real fun happens inside the ‘Supercell,’ a large bowl shaped like a champagne saucer. The current swirls you around and around in a tightening spiral before finally carrying you through the exit.

11. Manta Raycers — From tag-team to tag-scream

If you’re the competitive type, grab a friend and race them to the finish line on the Manta Raycers, twin open flume slides that let you really feel the wind in your hair.

Located at Daredevil’s Tower in Thrill Waterpark on Perfect Day at CocoCay.

12. Splashaway Bay — For little adventurers

Even the smallest daredevils can get in on the slide action at Splashaway Bay aqua park, where tots to tweens can enjoy colorful waterslides, fountains, pools, and whirlpools.

Located onboard select Royal Caribbean cruise ships and Perfect Day at CocoCay.

Are you feeling the thrills yet with our selection of best slides? Because we’ve hardly scratched the surface. Royal Caribbean has plenty more adrenaline-inducing slide experiences up its sleeve— including a few more surprises when Thrill Waterpark debuts with a whopping 13 waterslides at Perfect Day at CocoCay in 2019. Stay tuned for more details, and keep on coasting.

*Minimum height and weight restrictions apply for users of all slides.
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